One Blackfriars Road, London


The project is made up of an iconic Tower, plinth buildings and public square in a prominent position on the South Bank of the Thames in London. It contains a 5-star-plus hotel, residential apartments, retail, restaurants and bars, a fitness centre and a public observation platform.

Blackfriars Bridge continues an important city axis across the Thames and into Southwark. The proposals for a major mixed-use development include a 170m tower at the bridgehead that augments the sequence of landmarks along the South Bank of the River. The elegant expression of the tower creates a beautiful new silhouette on the London skyline. 

The new public space raised above the hotel foyer is defined by the base of the Tower and the Plinth building. It is intended as a calm oasis sheltered from the busy neighbouring streets and functions as an external foyer space for those waiting to visit the observation platform.

Robin Foster was a Design Director at Ian Simpson Architects in London and worked on One Blackfrairs Road RIBA Stages C and D up to planning permission, call-in by the Secretary-of-State and a successful Public Enquiry.

Model photography: Andrew Putler